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Originally Posted by squeenix View Post
Doesn't the VFC have quick spring change too?
No, it doesn't. Post less, read more.

Ares has a quick change spring, easily done within 30 seconds, doesn't require taking the mechbox out of the lower receiver either.

In addition to the quick change spring, you can quick change the inner barrel as well, because the outer barrel assembly can be take out in 5 seconds.

The inner barrel is attached to the outer barrel, and the hop up rubber is attached too, thanks to the ares unique hop up. That way if you can have different barrel lengths to suit cqb, standard length, or sniper length barrels.

In all, you can change the scar from being a cqb length weapon shooting 300 fps, and in less than a minute have it changed to a Counter sniper weapon with long barrel and shooting 400fps.
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