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Originally Posted by coachster View Post
you don't specify what type of rifle?
long or short?
do you want to attach the single point to your rig's d-ring?

since I don't know what your specifics are, get the 1 point bungee sling.

I use the KA version but it's essentially the same but better since it's got a loose end which makes it easier to tighten and loosen. The KA is a complete loop.

OR, wait for the MS2.

mhh right I should give more info.

the rifle: a G&P M4 Spec Ops:

a 2 point or 3 points would be useless as I don't have an attachment on the front right now. I might get a rail attachment someday, but anyway from the vids I've seen, I prefer 1 points anyway.

You don't see it wee on that pic, the sling actually attaches to the back of the lower receiver, not on the stock. and no I dont want to atach it to a D ring, I want a regular one with the sling aroung the body I guess. well... I don'T know... how comfortable is a normal sling with a tactical vest?

Ideally, like I posted here a couple months ago (I just remembered I posted a similar question before) I'd like to have EXACTLY the same setup as this: YouTube- URBAN-SENTRY One Point Right Hand Demonstration.

however, we are not talking about a 30 bucks system... we're talking about a 45US$ sling with additionnal adaptaters and goodies... that would cost near a hundred CAN$ with shipping... My current budget won't allow me to spend 100$ on a damn sling. lol. but then I'd consider a more basic one, leave the MS2 away and just get a basic (but not too cheapo either) one, and eventually upgrade to the one in the video, when I won't be poor anymore. lol
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