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best sling on

I want to order from for 2 reasons. first I have a coupon because canadapost screwed up on my last order there, Duy got the shipping refunded, and so he game me a coupon for that. second I loved the service, the order was processed super fast, and if it hasen't been for CP's screw up, I would have gotten my order very quicly... which is exactly what I need, since I have a game in 2 weeks and need the sling for the game.

Now I want it to be 1 point. I would have loved to get a MS2... but sadly its back order and Duy can't give me an ETA on its availability.

so out of the other ones he sells, which one should I get? I want the sling to be confortable and easy to transition to weak arm. note that I know little about those things, as it will be my first sling, so I really need your help! thanks!
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