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I don't think temperature affects AEGs much. Probably in much much warmer temperatures, it is a little harder to compress the air, but again, it shouldn't really matter. This would affect gas guns much greater though. As you said, warmer temperatures will excite gas molecules, increasing the pressure of the gas being used to propel the BBs. Lower temperatures, vice versa.

And thinking about this logically, using basic knowledge of circuits and mechanical theory, no, it won't fail to fully retract the spring. I am new to airsoft too but most of it is pretty intuitive, especially when you have some common sense and read through the FAQs extensively.

Again, using the engine example. From my newbie standpoint, the inner works of the gear box resemble the cylinder within an engine. You have the piston, the fuel injectors, etc. Also, define "weaker." Weaker has in lower capacity or lower voltage? Or lower discharge rates? Your question is vague.

Beginning with lower capacity. It is like having less fuel in your engine. It won't affect it much but will not continue to run as long as having more fuel, or a higher capacity battery.

Lower voltage? This is equivalent to your fuel being injected into the cylinder chamber more slowly. Yes, you will have lower RPM, meaning you will have a lower rate of fire.

Yeah, it affects the ability to retract the spring. When the battery is really weak you just get a tiny pop sound because there is not enough juice left in the battery. And "common sense" is found in the loadout video I made where you can plainly hear the spring isn't fully retracting because the battery is so weak.
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