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Thats a sweet sling brian, my buddy won a standard M4 sling from this years Claybank game so maybe i will buy it and try to make something work for my gun.

Yesterday i did some research and i found most of the parts and accesories i wanted;

2x 9 rib rail covers
2 seperate hopup sets(both hard rubber) and a marui H bucking
115mm barrel extender
200mm silencer
2x deep fire-SS 6.02mm 407mm inner barrels

what i want to try to do is cut one inner barrel to match the total length of the scar and barrel attachment. Then cut the appropriate amount to fit the silencer. What i was thinking of doing was putting an O-ring where the 2 barrels meet eachother(barrel extension to silencer) to minimize velocity loss due to escaping gases
Nice pistol, mine is chrome.
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