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Aite... now it's been something like a month that my Redwolf order has been sitting somewhere in a CP or CBSA office/warehouse. Both have been giving me the run around, but someone at CBSA mentioned that they only take parcels for a max. of two hours; this means that if CP tracking info reads "at customs" or whatever... CP has not brought the package to CBSA (not likely in my case) and has likely lost the package in a warehouse somewhere. Great. Next course of action is getting the sender to start an inquiry. Isn't that just retarded? Getting Redwolf to get HKpost to start an inquiry for an item that's sitting in Vancouver already... hell, I really just want to find out where this warehouse is, go there, and take my fucking package from them already. I've been waiting since April 28th (arrival at Canada) and a few days in addition to that for the time spent shipping from HK to Vancouver. It only takes what... a few hours for CP's stupid postal service to pack the parcel into a truck, drive it to a centre somewhere in Burnaby and deliver the god damn thing to me. I'm usually not one to bitch about things I expect to be waiting for, but this is getting ridiculous. Had I known, I wouldn't have made my order then and thus wouldn't have gone a good $350 over my credit limit on a brand-spanking new credit card (so much for starting off on a good credit rating, huh? But that's a different issue right there)...

But fuck, really, Canada Post? You've done great for me 'till now - but now you're making me one of those haters on ASC that post in this god damn thread about stories of packages that are MIA or ... whatever the hell you do to our stuff.

Palucol (uh, I meant Gunny_McSmith or whatever your name is now)... get the ghey-o-meter. Now.

Edit: best part about this was when I first called CP and the lady on the other end heard me say "so here's a tracking number" and she looked it up and wouldn't listen to what I had to say afterward - I bet she saw what it said and didn't want to talk to me, her customer, regarding what the fuck happened to my parcel. Great service, eh? I like the people at my local CP office more... at least she gave me free tap and paper and lent me a sharpie for packing up a damn box - but this is just poor quality right there.
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