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Cybergun buys Inokatsu...

News is starting to trickle through that Inokatsu, Taiwanese manufacturer of higher end Airsoft rifles, has apparently entered into an agreement with European Airsoft company Cybergun S.A, in what capacity, is yet unknown. With Cybergun holding intellectual property trademark rights with many of the worlds top firearms manufacturers such as Colt, Smith & Wesson, Thompson, SIG SAUER, Beretta, Kalashnikov, DPMS, and more, this opens up Inokatsuís opportunity to adorn their replicas with licensed trademarks and protection from trademark infringement. Of course Inokatsu isnít the first major manufacturer to work with Cybergun, with King Arms, ARES, G&G and others having licensing deals and manufacturers such as Jing Gong, Cyma and KWC supplying OEM products.
Cybergun, in the past has ruffled the feathers of the airsoft community with their aggressive pursuit of trademark infringements and has often been criticised for flooding the market with cheap and low quality airsoft products, although today, the quality is much higher thanks to agreements with higher quality OEMS. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment.

In this post, it's unconfirmed, but it is now official, and it's not just an agreement but a total purchase of Inokatsu (sorry, couldn't find an up-to-date english link)
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