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Originally Posted by LoveMyStubby View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong but Airsoft was invented as a way for gun enthusiasts in Japan to be able to collect replicas. Since owning a firearm in Japan is like impossible, some people decided to do the whole airsoft thing.

I have played a LOT in the Philippines, it's like a national sport there next to basketball.
Thats what ive understand too, when japan was defeated by the US there were lots of things that were prohibited and one of those were owning firearm. If Im not mistaken they were also limited to building only defensive hardware for their military.

I played paintball when I was in Singapore/malaysia since airsoft is highly illegal there but as stubby said philippines prolly have airsoft as a national sport right now and I grew up playing airsoft there since the days of the flon powered guns. I would choose my ICS m4 over my PE EGO marker any day of the week.
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