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Need recomendations on upgrading and accesorizing WE GBBR SCAR

The reason for this message is i want to know what kind of upgrades and accessories are recommended for this gun? I have gamed with it several times now and i have already purchased;
>Bomber lightweight aluminum bolt
>RAS NPAS valve
>EOTech hurricane 80 replica holographic site
>EGLM(no 40mm yet)

What i was thinking about getting was;
>150mm-200mm silencer
>WE SCAR Long Barrel Converion Kit (14mm+ i think)
>Inner barrel 6.02mm or 6.03mm long enough to encompass the full length of the long barrel conversion kit and silencer (515mm roughly)
>top of the line hopup
>your recomendation of 40mm grenades for my EGLM
>4" rail covers for the side rails
>and anything else you can think of that i might need or want
Nice pistol, mine is chrome.
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