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Originally Posted by Duilin View Post
AAS databank has no member listed under that username, obviously this doesnt mean he isnt under a different name. I'll make a general post on AAS to direct him here.

ANB is your second option, im unable to see their user list as a lot of AAS members are not welcome on that forum.

that's not true at all, there are several players in NB who are welcomed members on both ANB and AAS including Bean who is an admin here. Please don't bring that issue here, it has no place, the reason you were banned from ANB has nothing to do with this topic.

I'm one of the founding members on ANB and this situation has only come to my attention this afternoon. I've spoken to Ddelz and I would like to speak to jareyes before taking any actions. If the gun was in fact shipped broken then there will be reparations made.
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