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Originally Posted by TechSeller View Post
Interesting experience to be sure. Just curious, did you consider giving the security dude a heads-up before he scanned the bag?
I could have but I wanted to play it casual, and I also wanted to see what his reaction was going to be. Perhaps it was a little mean, I admit, but when I pulled out my ID he could see my tin and it calmed him down a little (fire dept.).

Originally Posted by pugs144 View Post
Even if it was a firearm, of course it'll have power residue.
Oh, thats the part I forgot to tell you - it was swabbed - and my camera bag was swabbed when I went through boarding security and it lit up like a Christmas tree. Long and short of that (after everyone panicked) was that it picked up gunpowder residue off my camera bag, which I take to the range and to other shoots and is covered in GSR. I almost got a free cavity search along with them ripping my EOS D20 apart.
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