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Renting an industrial site for airsoft

So, we're all aware that there is, in some regions, a lack of playable airsoft fields.

After taking a drive, I came across a variety of industrial sites on the outskirts of my town. These are sites which are fenced in, have at most two buildings (sales buildings, etc) and don't appear to be under construction.

For the most part they contain mounds of gravel, some tractors/back hoes and maybe some large stacks of pipes and I-beams. There are no signs requiring the use of safety equipment, so I would say they are pretty safe to walk/run around on.

Now, I'm not asking you guys to judge the playability of the field, rather, I'd like to hear any advice you might have in terms of approaching the owners in order to rent their facilities.

What kinds of things should I mention?
What kind of things should I especially stress?

I figure it's important to mention that the sport is safe, both for the players and for the property. I will mention that BBs do not leave marks, like paintballs. (I will refrain from mentioning paintball at all). Should I invite him/her to assist our first game, in order to supervise?

I know that, as the owner, he would legally be responsible for any injuries that occur on his property, so would mentioning a legal waiver be important? (Even though they have no legal standing, etc)

I imagine that I'm not the first person in the history of airsoft wanting to (legally) use an industrial type site, so any advice is appreciated. I figure that the worst thing that can happen is they say "no"...but I'd rather give it a try and find out.

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