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Originally Posted by FrankieCees View Post
Meh..I was just going to order from them because I would be getting something brand new. No hassles.

The gun im looking only has one post up in the classifieds and they're asking for more than I would be paying with buyairsoft and theirs is used.
What brand is it? What's included? Any upgrades? Who owned it previously?

Those are the questions you should be asking.

If it's something like a VFC SR16 vs a G&G SR16 well which would you rather have? Extras are always nice, what's the cost of the extras? (extra) Batteries, mags (ie. mid and low-cap), optics, rails, extra flash hider? Again what's under the hood so to speak? Are they upgrade parts like Prometheus, SystemA, Modify, HurricanE, ARS, etc. or are they aftermarket "replacement parts" (ie. lower quality parts that aren't really an upgrade just something broke and needed replacing)? Who owned it previously, was it a (good) gundoc? If so it might be worth paying a little more for (ie. after factoring in deprecation if it was taken well care of by the person it might be worth a little bit more than if it was someone like me for example).
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