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Originally Posted by Cooney View Post
I would not support a seller that encourages kids to play airsoft.
Rather encourages them to play irresponsibly. I have no problem with a retailer who sells to parents who they judge (I know, it's arbitrary to do this) to be responsible and not just give little billy his gun and run amok with it.

To be honest I've kind of had a change of heart (no I'm not "going native") but if a parent is genuinely interested and understands the risks associated with not supervising their kid while using it and always supervises them while using it and keeps it under lock and key when not in use there's no reason why they shouldn't be able to get their hands on one. I know that it's an ideal that 99% of the time doesn't happen since the parents just let their kids run amok and blame anything and everything for their screwed up kid. There are ASC members who are parents and I believe one member who has a young kid that shoots a TM "boys series" gun in the backyard with supervision and treats it like a real firearm and when not in use it's under lock and key. That's how things should be done IMO not this lazy parenting bullshit "buy my kids an airsoft leave them unsupervised and go to the mall or w/e". Really it's good reinforcement for the next generation of airsofters (I am not saying kidiots who run amok and play in public parks or w/e but the net generation of interested welcome additions to the community)

Anyways, aside from my little rant I would avoid buyairsoft/CAS and instead vote with my dollar and buy from places like the retailers in the classifieds, and places that only sell to 18+ (and/or "responsible parents").
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