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Good chance the winding spring has snapped. Happens at times with hicaps, not that difficult to fix as long as you take the mag apart carefully and note where all (not that many, a couple pins, a couple gears) the little parts go and orientation. If tht spring is broken, likley it's at the base where there is a simple 90deg bend in it. If so, removing the broken peice and putting another bend with pliers in the spring, reinserting it should get it back running again. I've fixed a couple hi caps in the past that had this issue, was pretty easy to do.
If i do go ahead with disassembling the mag it apeares to be glued together im praying its not chem welded together that would be worst case would i just pry the mag apart and hope that all the internals stay in the same spot or do you have any tricks im still waiting on the retailer i contacted to see if i can get it exchanged as i said only aprox 50 rounds have even gone through the gun since i got it brand new. so takeing it apart right now would be my very last option but having some info would be nice or just a little trick you learned to make things go faster

Thanks Kevin
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