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1. Is the popularity of Airsoft growing or diminishing in general?

We really don't want anyone to know.

2. Is it more popular than paintball at the moment? It not, will it be more popular than paintball?

If we told you, we'd have to kill you.

3. Is the current Canadian Law & Regulation prohit the growth of Airosoft in a significant way? Would Canadian Airsoft popularity declines/contained because of the Law?

The government won't let us answer this.

4. What's the demographic of Airsofters? Are most airsofters Asians as I was told?

Do you work for Stats-Can? Or Immigration?

5. How's Airsoft popularity in Europe compare to North America?

Europe? Where's that? Is that near Ottawa?

6. Since when Airsoft become a somewhat famous hobby?


Seriously, take a look at Drakes post.
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