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Originally Posted by R.I. View Post
I have heard these are quite good BBs and was wondering where they can be purchased in Canada. I visited popular retailers like 007,, etc. but couldn't find them. I was on Airsoft Elite's website and saw them, but couldn't find a price or the option to purchase them and assumed they are just a supplier.

So yeah, are there any good retailers in Ontario? I also saw them on a US website but is the customs import limit of 5,000 rounds actually enforced? I figure it would only be worth it order from the US if I had too and if I ordered a large quantity to cut down on shipping costs. Thankssssss!!
Elites are no better then BB bastards or Bioval or Armists.

Personally I prefer the BBBastards and frankly I'd rather give my money to a Canadian and buy them at my local field and save on shipping.

But thats just me.
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