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Originally Posted by doc_pathfinders View Post

and also, to show my age..
i remember buying CA when it was gen 1 .

and then finding that it was shooting at 420FPS on a field that only allowed 328FPS

and then finding out that the springs were cut-down 'things' that used to dig chunks out of pistons, this was suprising to me because no-one even knew much about classic army. a metal body was made by systema, and the ferrari of airsoft was the old systema 'pro' (i think) line that would come out of the box shooting 560FPS, none of this PTW system.
Just an FYI:
Classic army started with making bodies for the Marui G3 Mp5 series, They were awesome back then in fact i still have their G3 1st gen metal bodies for my PSG1 and my HK51 the aeg series your talking about are in fact Pro gear mech (HK Clone of a SYTEMA M140 box) box not Systema. Systema have no ties to classic army aeg, their own line of aeg were assembled with Zeke metal body that split in half vertically instead of the ones you see today, the Zeke/systema bodies comes in three sepearate piece (left and right body and a lower body assembly) they are a perfect fit no dremel required unlike the classic army or 1st gen G&P bodies.

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