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Originally Posted by wildcard View Post
Who ever started to tell nubs that $500 is a good starting point should maybe look at his list of equipment and maybe join us in 2010 the last time I remember a nub pay anywhere close to $500 to start playing is back in 92 when Marui MP5 was selling for $250, you can basicly get a Swat gear set up and look for a little over $600.

The $1000 starting budget will get you just that "STARTING" realisticly with today pricing to be "Equiped" you really have to budget around the $1.5 to $2K mark
And it goes up and up and up and up. Hell 500 bucks would not cut it when I started back in 2001. I think I paid close to 800 bucks on my AK with mags and I jury rigged gear together on a shoestring budget because I was spending all my money back then on my bike.

nowadays even if you kept it to one gun. Multiple camo options to ensure you can play greenside/opfor/tan/ect and different weather conditions can push your total cost budget towards 3k.

Thus upon deciding to get back into airsoft I realized that It would cost me around 1800 or so to get what I needed to get myself back into the game to a point where I could enjoy my time and not feel "naked" on the field. But guess what kiddies, Im a broke ass student so its taken me close to 3 months since I "returned" to airsoft and Im still not even close to where I need to be.

Time and Patience.

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