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Originally Posted by Endus View Post
eye opening, I hope everyone read this, I though airsoft was about having fun, not about who has the better gun. Its personally each owns players choice to how much someone want to spend on one. If they spend 20.00, you get what you paid for. If you spend 1000.00 then you got a good gun. I think its foolish to call down other players over what type they have. I have the crappy plastic ones which have served me well, I have the money and when I get AV'ed ill buy better ones. Its simple Money = Quality

Originally Posted by Omnivorous View Post
This is probably true. It's -kind of- how I've felt. I approached airsoft thinking I could buy a gun and ammo for under $200, get my camo at value village, and have a good time.

So when I'm repeatedly told that I have to spend $500+ and I see lists like this...

EDIT; quoted text of Tys' list on minimum purchase requirments. end edit just feels daunting. I was just at big airsoft store in the states and the guy compared the cost of airsoft to the cost of buying an old car :cry:

But anyways, realizing this information isn't really any excuse to get bent out of shape or act like a "pee pee". It's just time for a decision, to airsoft or not to airsoft!

One of the problems of nubs/noobs buying crapsoft is they then sign for a game, take up a spot (in a capped game, this is usually a coveted position), attend and have a failure because the crapsoft, craps out. Then this leads to a scramble of lending that player a weapon, and if there was a gunsmith at the game even willing to look at the crapsoft (I have seen a couple take pity on a new player) and attempt to fix the problem during the game. Since we have good people in the majority of the playing population this is great help for the noob, but irritating to the host who now has 2-6 players out of game handling the crapsoft issue.

The sport in CANADA is expensive, nubs/noobs are consistently and repeatedly told to budget a minimum $1000 just to get started.

That number was never selected to create a since of elitism but was determined by a great great many senior players so that new players would have a realistic sense of cost so that they could adequately budget for it.

Be safe not just with yourself, but those you play with. If you are reckless with other peoples safety then you will leave.
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