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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
This is just my own personal opinion on the matter. The way I see it is, more often than not a lot of new users (not all) show up at the door with questions, but in their minds they already have the answer (or at least the answer they want). When they do no receive the answer they want (reinforcement to their own answer that is) they get a little bent out of shape and the internet pee pees come out and the term elitist gets tossed around.
This is probably true. It's -kind of- how I've felt. I approached airsoft thinking I could buy a gun and ammo for under $200, get my camo at value village, and have a good time.

So when I'm repeatedly told that I have to spend $500+ and I see lists like this...

Originally Posted by m102404 View Post

Here's a sample tally for the minimum amount that you'll need:
* rifle - $300-900 (yes...they can be that expensive or more)
* mags - $60
* BBs - $20
* loader - $20
* charger - $150
* battery - $35
* rig to carry stuff - $60-200
* boots - $50-200
* BDUs - $60
* Goggles $100 (I'm still using the first pair of JT Flex 7's that I bought years ago...can't remember how much they cost)
* hydration pack/insert - $20

Tys just feels daunting. I was just at big airsoft store in the states and the guy compared the cost of airsoft to the cost of buying an old car :cry:

But anyways, realizing this information isn't really any excuse to get bent out of shape or act like a "pee pee". It's just time for a decision, to airsoft or not to airsoft!
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