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I think the "NOT" mean't that they do not weigh the same.

And I think that he has enough knowledge that if a .25 should weigh .125 each side and comes up with weight of .124 on one side and .126 on the other, then it is possible it was a cutting error. However if you cut it and come up with .11 and .14, there's a problem with the BB. Farthermore if there are massive air bubbles in the product it will effect the weight distribution as well.

And Brayden, if anyone here knows about BB's and BB quality it's Scarecrow, show some respect. Think about how many BB's you've cut up to see air bubble distribution, how many BB's you've measured with a micrometer, how many different brands of BB's you've test fired for comparison through your $1200 airsoft gun, and how many brands of BB's you've put in your yard (and checked everyday) to compare their breakdown into the environment against bio-BB's.

Kid, sit back and listen to those who know and have been there, you know, those of us with "experience".
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