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Paintball is also popular in asia. In fact its probably more popular in some places there than canada. Places like malaysia and thailand, even taiwan hold invitational games... Where you get free hotel stay and tons of sponsorships. Theres world cup asia in malaysia which is attended by lots of people from other countries like us, europe, iran, australia even seen some canadian teams go there. Global gutz Pb fields in the Phil., theres a good paintball team in japan (team ku). People from australia visit asian countries for major paintball tourneys.
I guess that was some airsoft propaganda that I've heard then. But I guess I believed it because in my mind airsoft was "superior" to paintball, some being it's clean and started in Asia so should have a strong foothold against paintball. Don't get me wrong I still like playing the occasional paintball game however for me if I had a choice it would probably be airsoft 8 times out of 10. You need to break the monotony sometimes and it's easy to plop down $60 on a public walk on day at a PB field with a few friends rather than convincing them all to invest in airsoft guns and related gear. Ie. "Oh hey you want to invest $600 on a game that you'll only play 2 or 3 times a year" (they're more "walk on, rent some guns/masks and fling paint at each other once in a blue moon" kind of people).
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