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1. Is the popularity of Airsoft growing or diminishing in general?

2. Is it more popular than paintball at the moment? It not, will it be more popular than paintball?
Less popular. It will never be more popular.

3. Is the current Canadian Law & Regulation prohibit the growth of Airosoft in a significant way? Would Canadian Airsoft popularity declines/contained because of the Law?
It has in the past, but the situation has been changing lately. Large stores are now carrying quality airsoft guns, thanks to the advent of clear receivers.

4. What's the demographic of Airsofters? Are most airsofters Asians as I was told?
All walks of life, but definitely a lot of Asians and single white dudes who wish they were Asian.

5. How's Airsoft popularity in Europe compare to North America?
It is more popular in Europe.

6. Since when Airsoft become a somewhat famous hobby?
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