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I am curious about the popularity of Airsoft as a hobby.

1. Is the popularity of Airsoft growing or diminishing in general?

-canada painfully slow kinda like paintball. In other countries where importation is not retarded its growing at a very fast pace. Faster than paintball for sure, you have tourneys, exercises with military personnel, 500- thousands of attendees in big games, huge bivy and etc.
2. Is it more popular than paintball at the moment? It not, will it be more popular than paintball?

-In countries that its allowed yes since airsoft is insanely cheap compared to paintball. A bag of ICS/maruzen BBs are 5 bucks US thats 1kg of .02. While pb paint costs 40 US cheapest.
3. Is the current Canadian Law & Regulation prohit the growth of Airosoft in a significant way? Would Canadian Airsoft popularity declines/contained because of the Law?

-Im not aware of any new law. Airsoft wont decline but its growth is slow. It is still a game for the guys who can afford "stuff" here.

4. What's the demographic of Airsofters? Are most airsofters Asians as I was told?

-Well it started in japan. Hk is like AS heaven and toys are manufactured in either china or taiwan so go figure that out. But a lot of european guys, british, and even americans are into it. In my country the Philippines you can see young, old, rich, not so rich, middle class, cops, military, politicians, govt workers, teachers etc. Play airsoft.

5. How's Airsoft popularity in Europe compare to North America?

-Pretty popular in UK, ireland, scotland, etc. theres a lot of airsoft players in the US too.

6. Since when Airsoft become a somewhat famous hobby?

Dont really know the answer to that coz it depends on which place of the world you lived in at that time. I still remember the gas gun days, then the flon hand guns specially the shiny walther ppk, high quality japanese made springers that looked real, came the springers from china a famas from TM and the CAs and the other chinese makers then came the cheaper but nonetheless playable boyi, be, cyma, jg, src.

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