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ok so airsoft is growing yes, and its big in great brittain, but even bigger in scotland.
now i know you guys absolutly hate guns that come from wally or CT but thats how i got into this sport. one day my brother bought a crosman shotgun and from there basically my hole family plays it once in aa while. while i am myself the one that is the one way more into it. now i am 14 and you guys might think that i know nothing on the sport, but i am telling you, the clear stuff is how alot of people get in the sport. i myslef have the m-4 which you have cock back everytime at the back but i still like it, i meen like aslong as it shoots. but i am waiting another year to get myslef a nice sniper rifle that comes from buy airsoft. anywas ya, its growing a bit in my school but sadly some people rather buy a xbox 360 than a gun.
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