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Originally Posted by scurvythepirate View Post
Although if you have to you have to, BB bastards on ASC Mart in .25 or .20 have been sold out for months (at least when I have looked).
The issue is going to be resolved <= 30 days and permanently. Field Bastards are stocked and arrangements have just been finalized for distribution to the western provinces, you can look forward to some announcements shortly.

Re: Crossman's

I've seen them off and on, and its a mixed bag. I think they do huge orders intermittently because I've bought them to compare. One batch the polish was non-existent. Another batch the polish was okay, but the fliers were insane and when I opened them, you could tell material distribution was uneven (carefully cut dead center and use a digital scale with 3 decimals of accuracy - each side should weigh the same - not).

Its like anything else that sold at crappy tire. If you use a Canadian Tire soft-air gun, use Crossmans, it won't make any difference. But running them in a tuned AEG? No.
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