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1. Is the popularity of Airsoft growing or diminishing in general?

Growing slightly maybe approaching an increased growth rate, only retarded minors think it's "dying" (see minors posts in the newbie tank that are all like "why can't we play airsoft is dying and stuff"). It's not going anywhere any time soon in fact it's growing and that's that.

2. Is it more popular than paintball at the moment? It not, will it be more popular than paintball?

No, in the western world it's still relatively unknown with most peoples experience with airsoft the "crapsoft" sold at target/wally world/CT. However in the US there is slightly more exposure to big name brands/good stuff as there are airsoft stores (ie. The War Store, Airsoft Extreme, Airsoft GI, etc.). Paintball is non existent in Asia, I believe there was an attempt at making a PB field in Japan or The Philippines however it went out of business pretty quick due to the popularity of airsoft and how it's already established a good foothold in Japan/Asia.

3. Is the current Canadian Law & Regulation prohit the growth of Airosoft in a significant way? Would Canadian Airsoft popularity declines/contained because of the Law?

No, in fact it should be more popular now that someone has figured out some stuff pertaining to the import laws (see post in the Restricted Age of Majority section as I see you have access to it)

4. What's the demographic of Airsofters? Are most airsofters Asians as I was told?

The biggest ethnicities are probably Caucasian and Asian. I have not really met too many Asians who play however keep in mind that I lived/go to school in Southern Alberta. There seems to be a lot of Filipinos and other SE Asians who play however (and that would make sense since it's a big thing in SE Asia)

5. How's Airsoft popularity in Europe compare to North America?

I don't know but it seems to be about 50/50 between PB and Airsoft, while in North America I would wager the demographics by number of players is probably closer to 70/30 for paintball to airsoft. I'll tell you next year when I'm in England.

6. Since when Airsoft become a somewhat famous hobby?

For North America I don't know, probably around the time Peter Kang "imported" it into North America. Before, I'm sure a lot of people were like "Lets go to that store downtown with the cool BB Guns". However with Japan it probably became popular when they had "Classic" airsoft companies like MGC (Model Gun Company) (now defunct AFAIK). Maybe even so late as when Tanio Koba/TM released their GBB and AEG line of guns (search "Marui man" if you want to see some of their early "classic airsoft" vs AEG commercials). However even before that there was a primitive "airsoft" of sorts where they were more akin to .177 pellet guns that we have, that are single shot and only collectors collected them maybe with the odd person buying one to plink in their backyard or something.
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