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You wont be happy with the SIG 552 (I own the cybergun) unless you redo the mech-box. From top to bottom, over and under. To pull a decent spring for out doors you need a large type battery at 8.4v or higher. No room in 552 only can get enough power with a lipo. And just so you know, lipo is goona wear everything out faster unless you spend more $$$ to get good parts and mosfett. I purchased mine for $280 and tossed in another $300 before I was satisfied. My first bb jam tore my hop rubber and now its down to the old stock rubber again.

Basically I knew I would have trouble finding parts and gear for this item, threw down some mad cash and really just wish I had waited a year and a half for ICS to get in stock (local shop).

EDIT: LOL That duty version is like the worst thing ever! If you buy any of this and are happy please post so I can laugh some more!
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