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1. Is the popularity of Airsoft growing or diminishing in general?
Growing slowly.
2. Is it more popular than paintball at the moment? It not, will it be more popular than paintball?
Not more popular at all right now, I have seen more and more paintballers come to airsoft due to the realism (myself included) . But I'm not saying its going to overtake paintball.

3. Is the current Canadian Law & Regulation prohit the growth of Airosoft in a significant way? Would Canadian Airsoft popularity declines/contained because of the Law?
All the laws have done is raise the price of the guns here. it hasn't really affected selection too much

4. What's the demographic of Airsofters? Are most airsofters Asians as I was told?
I'm white. There are all kinds of people playing, most over 18.

the rest I can't really answer.
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