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Thread moved/merged with the previous, virtually identical thread.

And seriously, airsoftpro, stick to the newbie tank for your own good.

That and my patience is wearing pretty thin.

Originally Posted by Vapor420 View Post
Does anybody know if it's o.k. to play at an organized event with an airsoft rifle without a clear body or smoked reciever? I have a classic army m15a4, and was hoping I could skirmish with it.
Depends on the events and organizers. You'll still have to meet the age requirements for the event (many places enforce 18+). Generally clear/smoked receivers are okay, all-clear guns are frowned upon at more serious events (in large part because they're crappy quality/performance which means whomever is using it isn't pulling their weight). A handful of events do enforce "black gun" rules.

Why not invest $3 in a can of flat black Krylon (or tan, or several colors for camo, depending on your taste)?

Originally Posted by squeenix View Post
Most people don't have clear receivers. You can play.

srsly lurk moar.

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