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Simple solution to a common problem

Hello again! So as I've written before, my TM Mags worked initially with the ICS Sig.

I got lucky...well, initially. Last night I installed a Systema tightbore and the mags are now not fitting. "ah-ha you say, I told you so"

Well...The problem is that the ICS feed tube (the piece that mates to the top of the mag when the mag is inserted) is squared off at the edges where the TM feed tube is beveled.

The BB retainers in some of the mags tend to over extend. This allows for a flat spot to contact the flat edge of the hop feed tube of the ICS Sig resulting in a next to impossible fit.

I then installed the beveled TM sig hopup unit, shaved the sides of it square where the hop tube meets the body of the ICS upper receiver and voila!

A perfect fit in the upper receiver and the mags are 100% like they were made for the gun.

Try it out, I think you'll like it!
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