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The brands you had listed are far from quality, so essentially you had just baught 'Walmart quality trash'. I'm saying this because I have made the mistake of buying a Classic Army Sportsline gun.

Everything about the rifle was simply prone to problems from build quality to the material used. The barrel itself was a very cheap metal and was anodized a shiny blue for some reason, it didn't take much effort at all to dent into the metal using an edge from a metal object.

Now, the problem here is simply the ammo. Quality isn't determined by the weight of the BB, but rather the brand. .12 grams are trash, and anything cybergun is trash.

I decided to buy some 'Cybergun' .20gram bb's just to see what they're like and to be honest, i dont think i would even put those things through a springer pistol. They have little bumps everywhere, they're unpolished and powdery and very brittle. Even though they may be polished, the consistancy of the BB itself is really... Off, chances are the BB's are just too big or bulbous to fit through or past the hopup rubber. I'm not sure, Its hard to tell simply from words.

I'd suggest you give a shot at buying BBBastard bb's from a local supplier or go to and buy madbull. Run those through your guns and see how they work.

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