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A potential BB problem?

HI guys. This is my first post on this site and I'm quite excited. Before I start, I'd first like to say I'm no "n00b" at airsoft. I've been collecting for about a year and I'm really enjoying it. The latest gun I bought, the GameFace GF15A4 (M4 model) is made by GameFace, which is a division of Crosman. Crosman basically re-packaged the Classic Army M4 sportline, so don't say I bought some shitty Wal-Mart gun. It shoots 350 FPS. Whne I first opened it, I was eager to use it, so I made a big mistake and used my Wal-Mart .12 grams, because I didn't have any .20 grams with me (some excuse) and it seemed to work fine. 2 weeks later I bought some Cybergun tactical .20 gram polished BB's and they didn't shoot. Nothing. I siliconed everything, shoved rods down everything, and nothing. Do you think I may have done permanent damage?
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