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WA > TM > KJW > WE

Only seen one WA 2011 (airsoft lingo calls this a Hi-Capa) as of yet, but it is most definitely superior to all the rest. Reason why I rate the KJW higher is because the metal is *slightly* better than a WE. TM is still best for the cost though - out of the box is more accurate, has better magazines = more shots per gas charge (in addition to the plastic slide), tends to have better tolerances, and there are lots of aftermarket parts; parts that are built to fit in the TM (clones are close in terms of specs, but will often fall short and parts that were meant to be drop-in fits for TM will probably need minor modification).

My advice to you is to get a TM.

Edit: lol pus, I like the WE = worst ever. Good way of thinking of it, hahaahaha
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