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Unhappy gun help!!

i have a jg g3 sas-f id had it for about 3 days when i put on the safty and pulled the trigger with some force, needless to say it broke. i then bought some new parts to upgrade it, i took it apart did some work fixed the trigger a bit.

i tried to put some element 6mm oil less bushings in but they wouldnt fit so i got a round file and made them, i hen shimmed it and put it together.

now it fires but the battery wears out in a couple of shots and its rate of fire is terrible and it sometimes stops shooting quite annoyed and would like to buy a new gear box or fix the old one.

if anyone knows where to get a complete gearbox that will fit or how to fix this one id be so so happy.

Please someone help!

p.s the gun is 3 years old i bought it second hand.
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