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Originally Posted by teriases View Post

I am still a noob to servicing airsoft, so not sure about tightening the whatever-magiggy... hehe... :P but yes KJW 5.1 it is then.
screw the KJW. TM is the absolute best, anything else is wasting your money unless it's a Western Arms (WA)

Originally Posted by teriases View Post
Which Hi-Capa is the best one? There's KJW and WE (which I think is the US trademark for TM? If someone can explain that would be great).

I saw pictures of the 2 brands, and did research looking at the various models. I like the KJW models because it doesn't have a crappy clear plastic "WE" logo on the gun. But WE has better designs, such as the Dragon line... Are they pretty much all the same? Or is there a model that one can recommend?

I am thinking about KJW Hicapa 06 or WE 5.1... Something I can both game and participate in those TTAC CQC sessions with.
WE uses shitty pot metal which increases the weight of the slide and also increases the gas consumption due to higher output needed to move the slide. They're also easier to break.

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