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but if you cant wait to fix it, you could aways do it yourself...

1) the motor plate from the grip
2) remove motor
3) remove grip

4) remove mag catch
5) remove the gearbox pin (its located over the trigger)
6) remove the stock & buffer tube

7) remove the lower receiver

8) take the lower receiver, (put the selector on SEMI before poping the lower off)

9) pop the fake selector lever plate on the right side like (see pic below) (its often superglued in, so be careful, since you have a plastic lower)

10) and finally, insert a screw driver in the hole, to tighten the selector switch screw

11) check if you like it, then reverse the steps to put your gun back :P

PS: dont forget the small tapet plate spring, or you're gun wont fires in Semi auto :P

PPS: here's a guide on how to take appart you're m4/m16 variant

hope it helps

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