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Red face The Hi-Capas... KJW? WE?

Hi guys,

sorry if there's duplicate, but I asked the same thing in another section, but topic of the section isn't really fitting my question.

Which Hi-Capa is the best one? There's KJW and WE(which I think is the US trademark for TM? If someone can explain that would be great).

I saw pictures of the 2 brands, and did research looking at the various models. I like the KJW models because it doesn't have a crappy clear plastic "WE" logo on the gun. But WE has better designs, such as the Dragon line... Are they pretty much all the same? Or is there a model that one can recommend?

I am thinking about KJW Hicapa 06 or WE 5.1... Something I can both game and participate in those TTAC CQC sessions with.

Thanks again,
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