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Tried this out two games in a row:

Great piece!, very simple magnifier. The limitation of the FOV did not affect my performance as much as I presumed. In fact, I found the magnification significantly handy in engagements 80~200(+)feet away. The slightly enlarged sight picture of the aimpoint made it much easier for me to aim at a smaller profiled target, most often that of enemy shooting behind cover.

I have a 25/20 eye after Glasses, so the 2X magnification enhanced my vision slightly as well, extending the natural range of my eyesight.

@60 feet of closer, I did have trouble aiming at targets at this close range. Often time I like to keep my sights at the middle of the tree so I can quickly react in case the enemy decides to switch firing positions. The FOV is restrained just enough at range 0~60 feet to exclude both sides of the medium~large width trees if I were to aim at the middle of the tree. However, at times I did spend about 15 seconds screwing off the magnifier because the enemy was marching in too close for the item to be effective.

All in all, a very cheap and useful magnifier which in my opinion works MUCH better than traditional 3X magnifiers.
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