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Sig update

So I ran the ICS Sig 552 outdoors today and found the hop adjuster to be very touchy. Word of advice to myself, once dialed in Don't touch! and less oil.

Distance seemed average with it's short, tight bore. The great thing about this gun is in the field or CQB style scenarios you can easily pop off the upper receiver and switch to a long or short barrel. A very nice touch!

Feeding was good but the odd time It would double feed. Overall it was a positive experience, the gun was solid. I ran a 9.6v 1400Mah mostly fired semi with the odd burst. Both ICS supplied mag and TM standards performed well. I thought my ICS hicap broke but it turns out it was jammed. This was easily fixed buy emptying the mag and working the winder. All ok now.

After lunch break I brought out my TM Sig 552. It's still stock but has a longer Systema tightbore. Gearbox was way smoother with less noise than the ICS. Grouping and range were great. 8.4v 1400Mah very good on full auto and semi.

Canīt sleep. Clowns will eat me!

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