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Originally Posted by bpbcc1 View Post
I'm not a smart ass but there are so many things wrong here Like:
1. If you have a valid PAL there are lots of web sites outside of Canada that you can import a gun from provided it meets with regulations.
No. No PAL covers prohibited replicas, and those guns that don't fall under that classification don't require a PAL.

2. Airsoft is not 18+. You might want it that way, and it might be the law where you are but the C in ASC is for Canada and that is not the law in Manitoba.
This forum has 18+ rules, and you WILL observe those rules.

Additionally many fields and organizers also enforce 18+ rules.

3. Sniping is for anyone who wants to. Some might not like that but there is no governing body to regulate that. I was a newbie and if you gave the rules or guidelines for sniping I'd just do it.
Sure, people can pick up a sniper rifle if they want to. A cheap $200 one, too. Doesn't mean the gun will perform (it won't), nor that they'll have the skills to use it properly. More often than not, people find themselves with a slow underpowered gun, facing people with better quality full auto guns; and guess what happens then? The experience sucks.

So yes, anyone can buy a sniper rifle; not everyone can "be a sniper." New players are discouraged from getting a sniper rifle as their first gun since experience has shown us it usually ends up not working out well.

As for "hot" rifles, organizers do restrict those to experienced and otherwise properly trained players.

4. Going somewhere other than ASC to buy an airsoft gun is not circumventing the system. It's called shopping.
Sure. But most of the retailers are on ASC. And even off ASC most retailers require proof of age (18+).

Sure, you can get some Walmart or BuyAirsoft gun...

5. Someone will help you buy a gun if you are under age. Their special secret circumventing code words are Mom and Dad.
And a lot of accounts have had their AV status revoked, or even banned, for it. Good advice, champ.

6. My friend's back yard is 380 acres. We'd like to play airsoft out there because its really secluded but he won't let us thanks to you. Seriously, who grants official status to airsoft fields. What's the zoning code for that.
Who's your friend? He sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders; I like him already.
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