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What more do I need to make this functional? TM M9

Normally, I'd ask in the Airsoft Gun section, but I'm know nothing about gas guns.

So, I have an opportunity to get some parts for really cheap. Im just unsure if it'd be worth building a gun out of them, or just selling them.

I can get a:

TM M9 Outer Barrel, TM M9 ABS Slide, TM M9 ABS Frame.

Ofcourse, I'd need some extra parts to make this a functional gun.

I know I'd need an inner barrel, mag, Hand Grips, trigger. But what else would I need?

And you guys are welcome to spoonfeed me to a website where I can buy most or all of the parts, but I dont mind looking myself.

Also, I've heard of parts being kinda hard to find for this gun. Is that correct?

Thanks guys.
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