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Originally Posted by bpbcc1 View Post
I'm not a smart ass but there are so many things wrong here Like:
1. If you have a valid PAL there are lots of web sites outside of Canada that you can import a gun from provided it meets with regulations.
2. Airsoft is not 18+. You might want it that way, and it might be the law where you are but the C in ASC is for Canada and that is not the law in Manitoba.
3. Sniping is for anyone who wants to. Some might not like that but there is no governing body to regulate that. I was a newbie and if you gave the rules or guidelines for sniping I'd just do it.
4. Going somewhere other than ASC to buy an airsoft gun is not circumventing the system. It's called shopping.
5. Someone will help you buy a gun if you are under age. Their special secret circumventing code words are Mom and Dad.
6. My friend's back yard is 380 acres. We'd like to play airsoft out there because its really secluded but he won't let us thanks to you. Seriously, who grants official status to airsoft fields. What's the zoning code for that.

It's true that some municipalities have bi laws that prohibit the firing of air powered guns inside the city limits unless confined to an authorized range. We have that here in Winnipeg. The good news, draw a diagram of your proposed range with BB trap included and the city will designate your back yard an ari powered gun range.

Not everything is wrong here. You should read the FAQs when you get a chance. There is some god info in there.

As for Mr luongoo who asked about where to buy a gun. We should answer your question at some point. There are a lot places to get spring powered guns. Try out your local outdoor sporting goods store and there is Cabela's. I think they have a few in their inventory.
Perhaps you did not notice but his question was answered in a positive fashion quiet a while ago.

This community as in Airsoft Canada, requires that our users are age verified. This is the policy that this community has set forth, you are welcome to your own rules at your field and we will respect your decisions in that regard, however we would ask you to lend our community the same respect and honor our rules while here.

Your statement that ownership of a PAL is sufficient to order guns from outside Canadian boarders illustrates a lack of understanding in the system and a gross oversimplification of the facts, for the sake of uninformed users it would be advisable that you did not go about spreading faslehoods and generalizations as it could result in newer players suffering financial loss due to said misinformation, and I can tell that is not your goal.

Many players who have been involved with Airsoft for many years have learned the hard way that Spring powered bolt action sniper rifles are not a good starting point for the avarage new player, and as such we usually try to dissuade players from choosing this avenue as their entry point into airsoft as most will be disappointed with their purchase and will have needlessly invested a fair amount of money into something that is difficult to use and often requires considerable upgrading before it performs as people would have it

Lastly on the topic of "official" fields. In this capacity an Official field is one that is properly maintained and safe for airsoft use, is insured and is secluded from the public eye. This can be a paintball field. A private space modified for airsoft use. or even a rented commercial space. There are no steadfast rules, but in general it is not advisable for people to wander about on their property with realistic looking guns. This is not suggested so people will not have fun, it is for the benefit of the individual as well as the community as a whole.

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