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Originally Posted by Locke View Post
"Canadian law prohibits Pyramyd Air Ltd. from shipping this order to you. We are canceling your order with us."
Likely it was some kid trying to order guns the packages got seized a few times then getting all butthurt because their stuff got seized by CBSA and then doing a paypal chargeback.

A few too many of those and they'll start only shipping to canada using wire transfer (like a $30 fee for the wiretransfer itself) or stop entirely.

One of the asian retailers (I think WGC shop or DenTrinity) will only ship to Canada if paid for by wire transfer likely because of paypal chargebacks because kids got their stuff seized and got butthurt.

Anyways, Jeff is a good guy, I've dealt with him once and the service was stellar. Too bad I haven't needed to buy anything else from him but I heartily recommend him and his store.
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