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Super 9 - accessories search

Yes, I know the Super 9 is crap compared to other airsoft, but I got it on the cheap, and I'm not doing much more than "backyard plinking" with it. I'm enjoying it in this way, however I'd like to get a little more out of it.

I know that there is a rail and extended mag available for this gun, however I can only find it on American sites, most of which won't ship it for me. The only other site I could find, speedytoys, I've heard has deceptive "brokerage" and "delivery" fees that can cost you far more than what you expected.

My search to find the rail and mag for this gun in Canada has been quite fruitless. I'm wondering if you guys, being the experts and all, might be able to point me in the right direction, or at least tell me if it's available if I got age verified, because I don't want to go through the trouble if I'm not going to be buying anything.

And, heck, if you know where I could get a half-decent fixed-magnification scope, that'd be awesome as well.
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