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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
I've had a few PDI 150% springs in my hands over the years, the first was 350fps in my MP5, others went all the way up to 425fps. Different lengths (I was the one that sorted that out) and materials, as in thinner brownish wire on the 350fps one at 6 3/8" long, and thicker black wire up to 7" long for another. The rest fell in between the two.
Quoted for truth.

PDI 190 is advertised on Ehobby as putting out a max FPS of 410? I don't think so.

Like Stalker said the 150% that is shorter and brownish was putting out 350-360 FPS and the black I've chronied at around 415 FPS.

There is nothing wrong with PDI springs, they last and are consistant, you just take a gamble on what you will get in the PDI package.

I still think a 190% spring will be give you an insanely high FPS
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