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Originally Posted by THEnub View Post
Well here's another revive, why exactly does it cost close to 300 dollars more to buy one of these in Canada then in the US? Yes, I get the paperwork, the licences, blablabla, but there are plenty of stores out there that sell airsoft and they only markup the prices between 50 to 100 bucks. What's with the huge cost here?
Your pretty new to airsoft but this issue is not.

Airsoft in Canada has and always will always carry a markup. Usually around the 100% mark when compared to the US, but in some cases that can fluctuate between 50% and all the way up to 750% in some rare cases.

The reason? because the retailers can, simple as that. Get used to it until Canadian Importation laws surrounding airsoft change if ever. Also expect considering the quality of build of this rifle I think its set at a fair price.

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