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Troy T. Moore
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UN Company slow to respond.

Hello all,

So I have made my 3rd order with UN Company. I placed the order and waited for the shipping quote. I got the final invoice which I paid immediately. A week goes by, no update on shipping my order (I paid for express shipping, so it should have been here by now). I contact them and get no answer. So the next day I contact them with threat of a PayPal dispute and get a response within 12hrs. I am informed that some of the items I had ordered (and paid for) are "out of stock". :banghead: When I ordered and paid for the items they were in stock. I agree to have the items in stock shipped and the rest back ordered as I will still get some of what I wanted in the timeframe I was hoping. Items are shipped the next day and I have them, all is as good as it can be...I guess?

2 days ago I contact them wanting to know if they have an ETA on the outstanding items. I think it would be courteous to at least reply with "we will find out for you and let you know" e-mail. Instead, nothing.

I am trying to be patient... It has been nearly a month since I made the order. I have never opened up a PayPal dispute but I feel this may be a good option for this retailer. I don't want to be malicious, but I don't want to be jerked around either. After all, according to their website the items were in stock at the time I placed and paid for my order.

Your thoughts on my current conundrum and experiences with this retailer appreciated.
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