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Originally Posted by juicy View Post
So ILLusion, does the Action bulb (aluminum or whatever it is, with O-rings) actually close quicker than the stock plastic floating valves?
Weight(Marui): 0.5g
Weight(Action): 0.8g
Weight(ARS): 2.4g

Based on those numbers, in theory, the Action valve wouldn't close quicker than the Marui one, but I don't have any tools to quantify this. Based on (subjective) feel, it doesn't seem to be heavy enough to noticeably impede performance.

The ARS valve, on the other hand, is almost 5 times heavier than the Marui valve, and 3 times heavier than the Action valve. The felt difference is also a bit more noticeable, but again, "feeling" is subjective, and I have no tools to measure time or perceived blowback power. Take this information for what it's worth.
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